Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is that you, Jayden?

Every Tuesday evening, we go visit Jayden and pick up his things (since they mow and throw everything away Wednesdays).  This Tuesday, there was a little frog sitting on the picture on Jayden's headstone.  He was very calm and didn't try to escape from us.  I caught him and everyone held him for a few minutes, and we put him back.

The next afternoon, we went back to bring his things back and guess who was still sitting there?  Yep!  The little brown frog.  He was a little dry from the heat, so we poured water on him and everyone held him again.  We put him back, said good bye to Jayden and left.

Tonight, my friend who visits Jayden with me went out there to water his roses.  I asked her to see if the frog was still there, and sure enough he was!  I think he is our sign!

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