Saturday, June 9, 2012

How dare you...

Jayden has been buried for less than 4 months now, 4 antagonizing months.  In that short amount of time, there have been several incidences where ignorant and selfish people have had the nerve to walk up to his grave, look down at the beautiful picture of him on his headstone and STEAL THE THINGS LEFT OUT FOR HIM!  Yes, that's right.  There are people stealing things from MY baby's grave.  Things we lovingly go out and pick special just for HIM.  How dare you.  It hurts, it breaks my heart and it makes me feel guilty.  I don't know why, but it does.  I ignored it the first couple times.  Finally, I wrote a letter and left it out with him telling people to stop taking his things.

Pretty sad, huh?  Well, that didn't stop them from continuing to steal from him.  Every time something was stolen, I called and reported it to the funeral home.  Finally, this last time I HAD ENOUGH!  I called the Riverside County Sheriff Department to file a complaint.  The officer that got in touch with me told me there was nothing that could be done, unless we witnessed someone in the act or the person was caught with the items, which is what I expected.  He took a report and a description of every thing that had ever been stolen.  He called me back later that day to tell me he was with Jayden and had spoken to his fellow officers about patrolling the area more often.  He also let me know that another officer had arrested a guy a few weeks prior for stealing off of graves at the cemetery Jayden is at.  He told me if they could match anything this guy had with what has been stolen from Jayden, we could get our things back and would have the option to press charges on him.  I don't know what goes through people's minds when they do this, or what they get out of it.  Only one thing that has been stolen was worth a small amount of money, nothing else really was.  That isn't the point.  These are sentimental things left for my baby I can't do anything for, except this.

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