Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 months behind... (1 of 2)

Well, I have four months of updating to do here.  Since my last post, we have been through so many ups and downs and it has been EXHAUSTING!

I last posted on September 12, four days before I heard "those words"....
September 16, 2011:  Jayden was officially diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  I remember going into that appointment hoping to hear anything but that.  I could hear the tech and the cardiologist saying "Hypo Left", and I could not stop myself from crying.

September 20, 2011:  Jake and I drove out to Riverside for our 3D ultrasound.  We were almost sent home with a return appointment, since Jayden did not want to co-operate!  He had his feet up over his head and his hands in front of his face.  Eventually, the tech was able to wake him up and we got to see our sleepy boy!  :)  This was a happy distraction from the devastating news we had just gotten.

September 22, 2011:  We had an appointment with the high-risk/genetic doctor to get the results of our amniocentesis.  My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it through-out my entire body.  It was pounding so hard in my head, I could not hear anything else going on around me.  What a relief it was to hear that doctor say that the tests came back normal.  There was no sign of any genetic disorder!!!!  

October 6, 2011:  This was our first appointment at Loma Linda.  It was only an ultrasound, but it was very exciting to see my gorgeous baby growing!!

October 22, 2011:  We met my high-risk doctor who would be caring for me for the remainder of my pregnancy, Dr. Barry Block.  He is an older man, but very energetic and laid-back.  He was friendly and explained anything I had questions about very well!

November 2, 2011:  This day was crazy!  We had four appointments in one day, thankfully all in the same place.  I had an NST, ultrasound, regular doctor's appointment and a tour of the NICU booked.  I actually had to send my husband for the tour of the NICU, while my ultrasound was being done and the neonatologist came to talk to me and answer any questions while the ultrasound was finishing up.

November 7, 2011:  This was the day of our last fetal echo.  It took them almost 3 hours to get a decent look at the baby.  Since I was 36 weeks pregnant and he was so squished in there, it was difficult to see what they needed to see.  This was the day they told us that the function of the right side of the heart was not very good and that Jayden would most likely not be eligible for the 3-stage surgeries, and would need a heart transplant.  As if what I was already dealing with wasn't enough!  I did not speak to anyone or even get out of bed for several days.  I ignored all phone calls and visitors and just stayed by myself under my blankets.  Reality was really setting in now and I was not ready to deal with it.

November 11, 2011:  I had a regular prenatal check-up, nothing new.

November 18, 2011:  I had another regular prenatal check-up.  This time my induction was scheduled for Monday, Nov 28th at 6pm.

November 23, 2011:  My last prenatal appointment.  I was 1cm dilated.

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